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Easy Online Reviews Frequently Asked Questions

question_mark_serious_thinker_2Answers to the most frequently asked questions


What Is Reputation Management?

Proactively protecting your brand from negative reviews online. We counter your negative online publicity with a positive reputation.


How Will Easy Online Reviews Protect Me From Bad Reviews?

Our proprietary platform essentially “wipes out” bad reviews, by outranking negative reviews online. We make bad reviews less visible. We promote positive reviews and make it easier for your customers to leave good feedback about your company.


How Easy Is Our Platform To Use?

We make it very easy for your customers to leave reviews, hence the name EASY Online Reviews. In less than 90 seconds the review will post on the following:

  • Your Facebook business page
  • On your Twitter account,  LinkedIn, Pinterest, Photobucket, FourSquare and Flickr account.
  • Your website Reviews/Testimonial page
  • To a reviews snippet on your website
  • To the review site chosen by the reviewer


 Will Your Reviews Be Syndicated? If So, Where?

 Yes.  When a review is posted through our platform, it immediately goes to the Facebook page of the business and other social media sites such as Twitter,  LinkedIn, Pinterest, Photobucket, FourSquare and Flickr account.


Does The Easy Online Reviews Provide Actionable Insights Too Help My Business?

Absolutely. Our platform works with negative review engagement, to instantly send the business owner and/or manger on duty an email  providing real time feedback to address issues immediately. By doing this, the owner of the business can mend a bad experience before a bad review is posted.


Will You Help Me Get Reviews On Google, Yelp And Other Websites?



How Does Your Platform Make Reviews Stick Online?

Our platform does not use the IP address from the business location.   This way the reviews will come from the customer’s IP address.  When a customer scan’s a QR Code to leave you a review, this is done from the customer’s personal device, using their IP address to post the review. When a review is left from your Android mobile application, the tablet ‘s 3G or 4 G technology ensures that the IP address where the review is coming from is updated and changed constantly for each customer leaving the review.  Any business using our custom mobile application will need a data plan (3G or 4G).

Do You Believe In Your Product Enough To OfferMonth-To-Month Contracts?

Absolutely! We are so convinced that you will be happy with our product that you will not want to leave.


Is The Platform In Any Way Unethical?

 No. We only allow real reviews to be posted by real people. We do not create fake accounts, post on behalf of other people or fabricate reviews.


Will You Completely Remove My Bad Reviews?

No. We improve the quantity of good reviews on the top of search engines. However, we do not manipulate or in any way violate Google’s policies. We make sure that we stay within the guidelines. Any company that advertises otherwise would be misleading your business.


Do you offer a measure of my online reputation?

Absolutely. Right from the start, we generate a FREE personalized report for your business.


If I have no reviews, how would your platform be beneficial to my business?

85% of customers read online reviews before making a decision. If your company has no reviews but your competitor does, they will feel more inclined to go to your competition. Lack of reviews creates doubt, good reviews create trust.  A good review presells your customers before they get to your place of business. Also, a good online reputation has a positive influence on search engine rankings and visibility. Easy Online Reviews makes the process of getting positive reviews fast and easy.


Why would I manage my reputation, if I have no bad reviews?

A bad online reputation can tarnish your brand instantly. If you have no bad reviews, consider yourself lucky. However, take measures now, to make sure that an unhappy customer, a competitor or a disgruntled employee, doesn’t change that overnight. Anything posted online is public to everyone and you have little control of what is said. As an example, when you search for a product or service and you are presented with search results of several companies, who are you more likely to purchase from? Would you pick a company with no reviews or worse yet, with bad reviews vs. a company with many positive reviews?


Is Compatible With Mobile Devices Such As iPads, iPhones?

Yes and our platform seamlessly integrates with these devices allowing the end user to easily provide a positive review in less than 90 seconds.


Is The Platform Integrated With Social Media?

Yes. Our platform will instantly integrate with Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, Pinterest, Photobucket, FourSquare and Flickr.


Is The Platform QR Code Capable?

Yes. We provide QR codes for your business use.








 What Are The Tablet Requirements To Use The Custom Mobile Application Feature?

  • Adroid Operating System.
  • Cannot Be A Kindle Android Tablet.
  • Screen 7” Or More. (We Recommend 8”+ For Easier To Read Display )
  • Must Have A Data Plan (i.e. 3G Or 4G)
  • SIM Card Built Into Tablet.


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