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How it Works provides assurance that your marketing posture is insured against damage while you do the critical work of running your business or practice. represents the highest level of protection against being surprised by the dangers in the new world of marketing. It all used to be so much easier in the “Yellow Pages days”.  You developed your marketing message; you told your story; you did your job. The law of averages meant that most people are happy and there are those who are not. With a solid ratio of happy customers to unhappy ones, life went on and your business could grow.

14821565-internet-world-wide-web-concept-earth-globe-with-www-text-and-computer-hand-cursor-isolated-on-whiteAnd, the world changed. Through the worldwide power of the Internet and dozens of “review sites” proliferating, the few unhappy customers have a voice. A BIG voice.  Sadly, that voice is louder than of voices of the larger number of happy customers.   (If this were the other way around, you wouldn’t even be reading this.  So we speak with confidence.)

Happy customers expected to be happy.  Most often they have no reason to think your good work is exceptional – nor go out of their way to report it on line. Unhappy customers, however, have a much higher inclination to blab away on the review sites.

This one factor is the reason the world has changed.

There are many ways to deal with this reality. Fortunately, has bundled all of them into a nice, neat package.

Now, you will be approached by many people with all the answers about how to “manage your reputation”.  We know about all of them and more crop up every day. Rest assured that everything you need is included in one of two “toolkits”; Easy_MAKER for smaller operations where there are generally lower ticket average transactions and Easy_MAX for businesses with clients whose transactions represent a larger dollar volume – particularly over a lifetime. has a simple and effective suite of tools that provide the foundation for totally controlling your online reputation with very little effort on your part – beyond, of course, delivering great service to your customers.



As we said above, there is a greater tendency for those who are less-than-pleased to speak up on line. With, happy customers are now more likely to be seen online than negative ones. How does this work?

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First, the system allows you to capture reviews at the point of service.  Happy customers always intend to write nice things when they get home, but “life” intervenes and they generally simply forget to get around to it.  Using one of eight different methods, you can capture reviews at the point of service or immediately thereafter. Learn More about these methods of “Harvesting Reviews”.

Second, positive reviews are immediately posted on your website and can also post on your  Facebook page an Twitter feed, using an amazingly simple and user-intuitive process, posts to a review site of the customer’s choice (from a list you selected first).

Finally, because you are capturing these reviews so quickly, should there be a negative review, rather than it following the process above, the content of the customer’s concern is sent by email to the  manager on duty to handle immediately – before the customer thinks about “Yapping on Yelp” or “Gabbing on Google”.  You get to fix the problem before it becomes a public embarrassment.

Talk is cheap. In this case, free.  So,  talk with us.  See if there is an application that will insure your business against the unavoidable.


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